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  • Colonia Tovar

    This picturesque mountain village of Aragua, was founded by German immigrants in 1843, from the beginning was organized as a closed community, the founders had intended that cultural traditions were maintained for long. On arrival, they built houses while retaining the distinctive architecture of the Kaiserstuhl, the buildings of the city are made according to the alpine style, giving it an unmistakable identity. The church of St. Martin in the center of the city is a true copy of the Endingen in Germany, from where the founders. The predominant language is alemannisch: German next to bavaroaustríaco pertains to the so-called "High German" in the Germanic language family, specifically the German colony, is a variant language they have inherited generations after 150 years , today many phonetic and lexical turns are no longer used in Europe. The language that dominates the area and their clothing and food remained intact. Even for a time forbade marriage outside the colony, in order to ensure ethnic and cultural continuity.
    La Colonia Tovar, has been a destination of choice for residents of Caracas, Maracay and Valencia since the middle of last century when it was over the paved road access. Soon car, you can enjoy a trip to another country, nicknamed The Caribbean Germany, for its architecture and typical German food, even brew their own beer, the first Venezuelan beer made in Colonia Tovar in 1843 , its production is made by Cerveceria Tovar CA, and maintains the quality standards required in the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. The deli that is recognized throughout Venezuela, offering steaks, sausages and Vienna sausages, you can also buy vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, figs and peaches drawn from the surrounding orchards. Among the desserts we have, strudels, Gugelhupf, tarts and strawberries and / or peaches and cream, traditional Kaiserschmarrn, Germknödel, apple strudel and Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, known as Black Forest. The cool weather is favorable and has a privileged geographical location, making it an ideal place to enjoy a high tourism. Here tourism works with numerous hotels, inns and restaurants, including combined with beach walks, paragliding, visits to indigenous petroglyphs, made before the discovery of America, an important heritage of the ancient inhabitants of the area, agriculture is developed further intense typical of the region, where the different sectors of the municipality have been integrated Tovar tourism also part of visits to some gardens where you can collect and buy yourself.

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    Parapente Colonia Tovar


    Vuele como Pasajero en Parapente con Pilotos Expertos y Fotos incluidas, Llame para reservar no requiere de ningun entrenamiento ni condición física.
    Posada y Casa Equipada Inversiones Freddy Rudman


    Excelente Posada y Casa Equipada con hermosa vista panorámica hacia el pueblo y áreas verdes, espacios externos con parrilleras y estacionamiento privado. Aqui puedes reservar tu vuelo en Parapente Tlf 0244 2511350 04167600374.
    Vuelos en Parapente en La Colonia Tovar


    Vuelos en Parapente con Pilotos Expertos en La Colonia Tovar
    Hotels in Colonia Tovar


    Most hotels require advance reservation and minimum stay of two nights. La Residenza Verona Shack nice rooms with bath / hot water, refrigerator, coffee maker, cable TV, table and chairs for...
    Tandem Paragliding Fights with Expert Pilots in Beautiful Mountains


    ¡Bienvenidos! Viva la experiencia de Volar con nosotros en las hermosas montañas de la Colonia Tovar acompañada/o de un piloto experto y con equipos de ultima generacion durante 15 a 20 minutos, incluye servicio de...
    Colonia Tovar


    La Colonia Tovar, a town between the mountains near Caracas, which was founded by German immigrants and maintained many of their traditions for generations both in its restaurants, as in the architecture of...
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