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Image The president of Cuba, Raul Castro, met with the Minister of Popular Power for Tourism (Tourism Ministry), Pedro Morejon, to assess existing agreements and to reaffirm the tourism projects and social training that have been running after the visit to Venezuela to stand Intenracional Tourism Fair of Cuba (FITCUBA 2009.)

The meeting also was attended by tourism ministers and defense of Cuba, Manuel Marrero and Julio Casas respectively, who presented the main statistical indicators of the Cuban republic and the agreements and projects that have been running between the two nations.

The opportunity was propitious to restore the Cuba-Venezuela, through the creation of a dolphin, whose investment amount is $ 3 million 613 000 844 (USD), which will be located on the eastern coastline of the country for the enjoyment of tourists and visitors.

Also addressed the business alliance for the promotion of tourist destinations binational, joint participation in international fairs and the search for new mechanisms for the transfer of foreign exchange in tourism operations.

Another point raised was related to the possible creation of a United Front of allied countries in international tourism, such as the World Tourism Organization, Association of Caribbean States, Caribbean Tourism Organization and others.

The assistance was to elevate a plan that benefits to public officials and the Revolutionary Armed Forces who, through preferential credit lines with banks of the State, to travel to the island, thereby increasing outbound tourism.

Also addressed issues advice to foster Cuban Popular Camping and improvement of marine Venetur.

Meeting with Cuba's tourist agencies

The Venezuelan Commission also held meetings with various Cuban tourist authorities and international tour operators from Canada, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Russia mainly, as well as several hotel chains installed in Cuba, to supplement knowledge in the areas of training and training providers tourism services. (Press Mintur / Alan Magician).