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Image Part of strategies to promote tourism in Venezuela and emission is to create alliances and agreements with the countries tourist brothers-as stated by the Minister of People's Power for Tourism (MINTUR), Pedro Morejon Cuba during his participation in relation to the International Tourism Fair of Cuba (FITCUBA).

Morejón recognized the importance of establishing strategic relations with neighboring countries to address issues relating to tourism and other topics, to develop the objectives of each.

"Through this alliance we have with Cuba to strengthen the lines established tourism in both countries, which are within the conduct meetings and meetings with international trainers, create new routes, providing more travel options for tourists as the" Multi ", which is working with the" tour "to ensure the smooth operation of these strategies," said Morejón.

Similarly, the holder of MINTUR reported to strengthen the training of tourism service providers are working with and Tourism Training Institute of Cuba (Formatura) and the Instituto Nacional de Turismo de Venezuela (Inatur) to exchange experiences between both to improve the machinery that motorize tourism.

For his part, Manuel Marcano, Minister of Tourism said that Cuba "is a priority for us to continue enhancing the emission of tourists with strategic alliances, such as that currently under way with Venezuela through the MINTUR and its owner, Pedro Morejón. What we seek is to promote tourism through the exchange of tourist destinations. " (Press MINTUR / Normelys Muñoz)