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In Venezuela enjoys great number and variety of wines coming from different regions. Some of these provienede hacienda Altagracia, years ago they brought several French teachers, and began wine production in Venezuela.

The varieties of the portfolio of wines and champagnes produced in soil Lara includes: red and white wine "Viña Altagracia" premium wines "Pomar Sauvignon", "Pomar Syrah," Pomar Tempranillo "," Pomar Petit Verdot "white wine red "Pomar Gran Reserva" and made sparkling traditional French style, "Pomar Brut," Pomar Demi Sec "," Pomar Brut Rosé "," Pomar Brut Nature "as well as the sparkling" Frizzante "and" Sangria carotene. "

These wines have recently won several international awards and recommended that you try it when visiting Venezuela. Clearly highlighting the Petit Verdot, generating buzz throughout the world, this shows the effort that has been achieved and the patient has been maintained to show more gains that will put the wine in the mouth of Venezuelan players in the industry.

Thanks to the tropical climate in Venezuela will obtain two harvests per year, unlike what happens in temperate countries is given only.