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There are many typical cakes, the bienmesabe, is the first, is a moist cake covered with coconut, raisins and cream sprinkled with cinnamon breath, the three milk cake is a moist cake with a mixture of three different milks, topped with sigh cream dusted with cocoa, pineapple cake turned a sponge cake with pineapple caramelized upside that is absorbed through the entire crust of the cake, like the cheese with a touch of smoky flavor, then we have the lemon or passion fruit pie, cream covered sigh.

The cheese is a kind of pudding made from eggs, condensed milk and milk, they can be coconut, passion fruit, pineapple, chocolate, rum is the original or milk, the most prized are the cream and remaining holes , and gives special flavor to caramel brown that was covered pan flip.

In the bakeries there is a huge variety of sweet dry, the pump is a ball of dough baked with the texture of a donut, covered in coarse sugar and fill with pastry cream, the famous Mother in Law's Tongue is a caramelized puff pastry in the form of language filled with chocolate butter cream covered by chocolate mitas, finally we have the famous Gulf that are a kind of cinnamon roll but with brown sugar, caramel, with a good piece of cheese in hand, is the highest and exotic blend of sweet and salty.

Increasingly popular are the churros, crisp fried dough tube sprinkled with sugar and usually served with hot chocolate, also sold with caramel or chocolate sauce.