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Mobile template

Bootstrap, Retina support, CSS dropdown, search, login and more.

Pax Travel comes with a dedicated theme for mobile devices! We know that this was such a long awaited feature moment. Now you're going to get it!

So, what is a mobile theme? A mobile theme provides the overall look and feel of the user interface of a mobile device, so you will get the best browsing experience anywhere. Warp6 supports all mobile browsers that use the Apple WebKit engine like the iPhone, Samsung, iPod Touch and Google Android devices!

And yes, we also support the iPhone and its new retina display, with its impressive 960-by-640-pixel resolution on a 3.5-inch LCD screen. The Retina display has four times the number of pixels as previous iPhones, resulting in double the pixel density.

This means that the theme requires optimized images for the display of high density pixels. And guess what, we delivered the mobile theme with all the images optimized for the retina display to appear in a clear resolution.


Let's take a look at the mobile theme itself. First of all, you can see the toolbar with the position logo and followed by the button area to quickly access the navigation, search and access menu.


You can publish a custom module in the position of the mobile-logo to show the logo image, or simply leave it unassigned and the site will be displayed automatically.


The thematic mobile distribution is clean and polished using all the valuable objects of HTML5 and CSS3. You will not find any unnecessary images or bloated marks. Thanks to CSS3 - everything is done with web gradients, shadow box-and all the other interesting toys that CSS3 puts into play. For example, we can make use of hardware acceleration CSS3 animations for all the ingenious effects. No more JavaScript effects were observed - this guarantees fast and smooth animations. This achieves not only a pleasant interface, but also an optimized mobile design with a compact size.


Use the search button and you will get a search dialog box that will use the functionality of the search systems to visualize all the matching results of the query.


And, of course, you can also access through the mobile theme to provide access to content only for registered users.


The menu button takes us to the navigation of the site in a drop down menu that can be nested in multiple levels of sub. In addition you are also able to configure a dedicated mobile menu, which may differ from your navigation on the main site.


We believe in the freedom of choice ;-) That is why we have added a button that allows you to switch between the mobile and the desktop theme.


The administration options for the mobile theme are quite self-explanatory. In general, you can change the support for mobile themes on and off, activate / deactivate the login toolbars and search buttons and assign module positions to the mobile position aliases. The alias position helps you reuse the positions modules that are already set or you can use the dedicated positions that have a "mobile" as a prefix. As you can see, it is not rocket science - everything remains simple and easy.

That's it - support for mobile themes. We have put a lot of work into the mobile issue and we are very proud to offer one of the best experiences for mobile phones out there.