travel news venezuela againAdemás de las noticias genéricas de viajes y turismo de Caracas y Venezuela encontraras varios enlaces, temas, actividades, últimos hechos y noticias que son interesantes cuando visita a Venezuela. Venezuela es el mejor secreto guardado en el Caribe, un país con un enorme potencial turístico. Pocos países ofrecen tal diversidad de paisajes (playas, montañas, llanos, selvas) y un clima tan favorable, gente caliente y una ubicación geográfica privilegiada como Venezuela.

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After lunch many Venezuelans keep the custom of having a nap. Dinner usually begins late, and many restaurants stay open until midnight.

A nation of worshipers of coffee: more than a drink, coffee is an integral part of Venezuela's lifestyle. Rich, aromatic and fresh way, each coffee is made differently and throughout the day. Coffee is part of the breakfast, is a digestive after a heavy meal, take it as a cups of cappuccino dessert smothered in real whipped cream late at night in place of the city, meetings, etc.

One of the great icons of the decade of 50, is the great coffee on the Boulevard de Sabana Grande, which was founded by a character who was known worldwide for escaping from prison Caribbean safer in Devil's Island in Guyana. Papillon French, many Venezuelans today know this story but so true, suggesting that one of the best places to prosper is paradise, is Venezuela.

Coffee comes in about a dozen ways, and if simply to order coffee, the waiter must use finesse, specifying the exact size and degree of force you want.

Here's how you do it. Easy Size: Small or large. You must specify the coffee strength to take. Black coffee is also appointed a black. A wash of black coffee, the closest North American coffee is a Guayoyo. The half coffee with milk is that Venezuelans drink for breakfast, but almost never after a meal, this should be a brown, light or dark, some see the difference, the fact is that coffee flavor in Venezuela in any version does not compare to those in Europe or North America, the Venezuelan coffee is purely pure. A coffee baptized means with a splash of rum.

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Venezuela's government implemented foreign exchange controls (Bolivares) in 2003, including official fixed exchange rate against the U.S. dollar. Foreign exchange transactions must take place through exchange houses or commercial banks at the official rate. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change money in hotels. Currency Exchange for tourists can be organized into "houses of change" (exchange houses) located near most major hotels. You can also change money at commercial banks, however, tourists should be aware that change is not immediate. Trade through commercial banks must first be approved by the Foreign Exchange Administration Commission (CADIVI). This requires a registration process, delaying the exchange. The change control mechanisms also require the exchange houses and commercial banks to obtain permission to trade CADIVI VEF bolivars (Bs, local currency nombrao Bolivares) in U.S. dollars or euros.

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Maiquetia Simon Bolivar airport has three passenger terminals (International, National and Auxiliary) and is 25 km from the center of Caracas through the mountain of Avila. With a new bridge the road is very fast, ending months of tortuous journey to and from the airport. The trip to Caracas is 30 minutes or up to 60-70 minutes during peak hours. Caracas Airport has international service, American Airlines, Aeropostal, Aerolineas Argentinas, Avianca, Aero República, Air Europa, Alitalia, Air France, Air Canada, Continental, Delta, Caribbean Airlines, Iberia, LAN, Lufthansa and TACA, among others. Non-stop flights are available to and from Miami, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Aruba, Bogotá, Medellin, Cartagena, Port of Spain, Panama City, Lima, Fort de France, Toronto and other cities.

For National Flight reservation in Venezuela please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For International Flight reservation in Venezuela please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Windward cuisine is the product of miscegenation between the cultures that settled in the region. Consists of products that are in the area such as grains, tubers, plantains, fish, shellfish, lapa, etc.

One of the oldest dishes Cafunga is a recipe inherited from African ancestors who is a banana muffin, made with cassava, coconut, brown sugar and anise. Another popular dish is the Tropezón, consisting of white beans cooked with pork rinds. Also cook the soup with sardines and white mapuey plenty of garlic. Tacarigua de la Laguna is famous for the preparation of roast mullet. Bana: baked plantain which is added a candy made of brown sugar, anise and clove spices.
Teques is the birthplace of internationally famous appetizers called Tequeño. Approximately in 1930, become the first Tequeños, two families (Baez and married) who dispute their authorship. The appetizers are made with pieces of dough stuffed with cheese and fry in hot oil.
El Jarillo is characterized by a variety of German dishes, the Negffly, salad made of cabbage and potatoes mixed with a special mass, the "PanProte" exquisite handmade bread, German sausage, the Kiagchli, kind of small cake made with pumpkin , bananas and plantains, the Proklata, a mixture of coffee, protect and cheese is often served with fruit syrup and homemade.

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Food has a special meaning in Venezuela during the Christmas season, when much of the holiday focuses on preparing them, both to celebrate the 24 as 31, the most typical is to bring the whole family to prepare hayacas acquire a personal touch in each family and these are gifts and well received as a present. Another icon is the Christmas bread, ham and smoked ham with pineapple, but these are obtained and made only in December in bakeries and delis.

The Hallaca is a package of corn dough with a blast of a filling of chicken, pork and beef that is seasoned with green pepper, onion, garlic, tomatoes, capers, raisins, sugar, cumin, black pepper, parsley, pork fat, olive oil and pepper stuffed olives. Each hallaca is love wrapped in banana leaves and steamed smoked (the leaves are not intended to be eaten). The preparation takes hours, even days.