travel news venezuela againAdemás de las noticias genéricas de viajes y turismo de Caracas y Venezuela encontraras varios enlaces, temas, actividades, últimos hechos y noticias que son interesantes cuando visita a Venezuela. Venezuela es el mejor secreto guardado en el Caribe, un país con un enorme potencial turístico. Pocos países ofrecen tal diversidad de paisajes (playas, montañas, llanos, selvas) y un clima tan favorable, gente caliente y una ubicación geográfica privilegiada como Venezuela.

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Statewide Miranda offers variety and originality, from Windward to the High Mirandinos, highlighting one of the most important symbols of our traditional iconography: the Masks of Yare, true works of internationally famous art.

There are two people who make the masks, the famous "polled" Sanoja, second foreman of the brotherhood of the Devils who has a studio right next to the Monument to the Dancing Devils, and a little below, the artist Juan Morgado. Both made masks of different sizes, colors and designs, and dolls in his red suit, maraca and masked.

On the way to windward, the roadside, you can see exhibits informal. Caucagua happening at the height of the village Yaguapa are the known scale replicas of aircraft and military helicopters, made of balsa wood. In the village Gamelotal between Caucagua and Mamporal Tacarigua, Expedito Adam Lopez, a sculptor of wood and coconuts, surprises with his imagination and realism of their works, pylons, and coconuts Bolivar portraits with the faces of some of their bosses are many sculptures. Entering Higuerote, just after the beautiful Plaza de la Virgen del Carmen, we offer wood reproductions of typical birds of the canals and lagoons Windward coronary Cora and herons. The famous drums Curiepe called e'puya ass "or tamborito of fulía, can be purchased in the village through the also famous" Hummingbird. "

High Mirandinos: Murano Art Works, can be purchased at ICET Arte Murano "in Potrerito, or in" Cristalarte "in the Pan American Highway, shortly before arriving in San Antonio. In San Diego de los Altos, was created Artisans Road, consisting of at least 16 places that offer different items. One of the most prominent is Mr. Montilla, located in the area Maite, who makes wood carvings and sculptures of great beauty. By way of Guare Guare, is the pottery Dreams Barro and following this path, the Elba workshop in Gruesita. The greatest concentration of craft sales is Capachal sector, there are the following establishments: Faith Crafts, crafts José Ramos, Gretchen workshop, Tierra del Fuego, Manos and Earth. In the El Prado, Burnt Clay workshop, where they sell stoneware pottery and utilitarian and artistic carvings and sculptures workshop popular image in wood. Information.

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Culture and Metro Taxi: The best friend of the tourists who want this option to explore. The subway opened in 1983, full of educational public service announcements designed to alert offenses would not be allowed. Against all expectations, the ads were a success. The Metro is clean, quiet, well maintained, no graffiti and the quiet is amazing with his instrumental music in the background. Since its opening, the Metro has extended its original line from east to west and added a section from north to south. It is why, above ground, Caracas shows sometimes quiet. There are tens of thousands of taxis, taxis, private cars with any Caraqueño are enough to make the city traffic at rush hour. The fate of Caracas is having a great mountain that is called the lung of the city of Caracas. Air quality is very good.

Taxis are easily hailed in the street and are quite cheap. They have no meters so prices should be agreed before getting some reports that the situation has improved and there published fixed rates. Caracas traffic is notoriously bad and the subway is a better choice if your destination is conveniently located near a station. Licensed taxis have yellow plates and while some cars with white patches are also taxis, it is usually safer to take a taxi license. Venezuela taxi drivers can be cited that nearly double the actual price when asked how much a breeze. Bargaining is perfectly acceptable in this case. Just answer a reasonable price they are willing to pay, and is more than likely you may be in the middle. If the driver continues to quote an outrageous price, just walk away and try another.

The Caracas metro is clean, modern, safe and very cheap. A round trip costs only $ 0.10, "return" (round trip) is $ 0.20 and a 10 "multi pass" ticket is $ 0.50. Because prices have changed little in recent years and rates have exceeded inflation buses, subways are often overcrowded, especially during peak hours. The subway system is backed by a network of metrobuses coming out of subway stations and fixed routes to take certain areas of the city not served by the metro. Like the subway, Metrobus are cheap and clean, but passengers complain about the shortage of buses. Most services run only every 20 minutes. The buses have fixed stops and not picking up passengers at other locations. The ubiquitous minibuses, or "Filed under Books, runs along many major roads in Caracas, often end up in obscure suburbs that are not accessible by subway. They may be signs anywhere and usually can ask the driver to let you jump every time you stop, as traffic lights. Although it is sometimes useful (to reach the entrance of Sabas Nieves Avila from the subway station Altamira), buses are more expensive than the subway ($ 0.50 a ride), slower, and are always in a condition a somewhat poor.

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