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Day 1-2: Flying in from your country of origin - Caracas ... Airport - Hotel Caracas. Caracas, a cosmopolitan city and capital of Venezuela, modern, with enough attractions and activities. We will visit the Museum of Contemporary Art one of the most important in South America, and idyllic parks that allow us to relax metropolitan air, including Miranda Park, or why not let us take the cable car Warairarepano until approximately 2250 meters of height. Here is the Avila National Park, located on the mountain of the same name, we enjoyed a wonderful day with city views and Caribbean Sea, and the nature of dense forests with abundant flora and fauna. Optional excursion is the Colonia Tovar, where in 1843 in the mountains of the state of Aragua, 373 people from the Black Forest of Germany immigrated and founded this new Germany in Venezuela. Here still retain their dialect and aware of the customs of their ancestors.

Day 2: Hotel with breakfast.

Day 3: We arrived at Valley Timotes called The Paradise of the Andes. The fascination of the Andean landscapes and local architecture, make this town a wonderful place. Because of its history, we should not miss the chapel of Saint Martyr of Syracuse (Santa Lucia), was from here that at the time of the conquest, began the evangelization of the main tribes of the territory. Timotes: 1 night in Hotel.

Day 4: At the foot of the majestic Sierra Nevada awaits Mérida. The kindness, hospitality, people, and the magic of its landscapes make this city a charm. Here is where the highest and longest cable car in the world. Mérida: 1 night in Posada.

Day 5: After breakfast we set out to experience unforgettable landscapes. Through narrow, windy roads Andean reached the village of Los Nevados, 2700 meters. Here spend the night in a single night of Andean family inn, which we also prepare a delicious typical dinner. Los Nevados: 1 night with breakfast and dinner Posada typical.

Day 6-7: Depart from Los Nevados to a hike of about 6 hours of mules and feet, will be rewarded by a breathtaking inspiration and step up to the Alto La Cruz, from another 300 meters down the station arrived at Loma round to take the cable car that transports us to Merida. A trip through the Andes we should not miss! In Merida have time to stroll through its streets with houses, churches and palaces of colonial style. Merida: Posada 2 nights - Loma Redonda cable car - Mérida.

Day 8-9-10: We got down from the Andes to Los Llanos. These large sheets that are lost in the horizon landscapes are one of the most visual impact. The plain is characterized mostly by the number of animals and birds you can observe, among others should not pass up an encounter with the Plain Anaconda, the largest snake in the world. Stations in Los Llanos do in two different places. Los Llanos: 2 nights in a lodge and 1 night in Hotel.

Day 11-12: Amazon. We will visit the capital of this area, Puerto Ayacucho is also known as the Gateway to the Amazon. This town lies on the banks of the Orinoco River and is unique in its geological formation for being seated on a black granite base that extends for miles in this territory. His landscapes on the outskirts draws much attention for its black stones and sparkling streams that provide habitat for different fish species, colors and the giant "Valenton" which can weigh up to 100 kg. From here we can of Optionally, various excursions by boat along the Orinoco River. Puerto Ayacucho: 2 nights Hotel.

Day 13-14: We arrived in the jungle area of ​​Rio Caura. Sail accompanied by fresh water dolphins, otters, turtles and others, until we reach our camp in the middle of the rainforest. Heavenly place, home to the Indian tribe Makiritari, with flora and exotic birds. Optionally you can do several tours including the fascinating waterfalls Salto Pará, where the river splits and falls seven immense gullies forming. Caura River, 2 nights at Posada sleeping in hammocks.

Day 15: We left our shelter jungle to reach the historic colonial Ciudad Bolivar, the birthplace of the great liberator Simon Bolivar. A picturesque city, high in the hills of Rio Orinoco. From here you will be our base for our next fabulous meta.Ciudad Bolivar: 1 night in Hotel.

Day 16-17: Angel Falls - National Park Canima.Una Once arrived in Canima make our first trip in a "canoe", motorized canoe, and the black waters of the Laguna Carrao Mayupa and through the rapids of up to Arautaima our beautiful camp on Orchid Island. The next day we board our canoe to enter through the river Churún Tepuy one of the best known of all, Auyantepuy, has one of the most spectacular formations around the human eye, Diablo Canyon, the same will continue to the famous Angel Falls, with its 979 meters high and the highest waterfall in the world. landed our canoe to enjoy a refreshing swim in the lagoon at the foot of the waterfall. In the afternoon we return to our camp Orchid Island hammocks. Orchid Island: 2 nights camping in hammocks. canoe tours and full board.

Day 18: With a private plane we leave the fascinating Canaima National Park. Arriving at Puerto Ordaz, considered one of the most modern and most industrial, economic and financial of the country. Among other natural attractions are the parks and you Cachamay Partly, this not only can watch and enjoy the lush vegetation but also admire the impressive waterfalls, or from one of the bridges between Puerto Ordaz and San Felix consider joining the two giant rivers of Venezuela. Puerto Ordaz: 1 night in Hotel.

Day 19: In the midst of a varied landscape of mountains near Caripe, is the well-known Cave of Guacharo. Have so far been explored only 11 kilometers inside the cave, the size thereof is not yet known. Its uniqueness is received in large part because the habitat of birds, which the Indians called "Guacharos." This bird is guided by ultrasound, are vegetarians and night, unique in the world and are found only in this cave, the largest stalactite cave in South America. Caribbean: 1 night Guacharo Cave Hotel Transportation.

Day 20-21: We reach our final goal of our circuit fascinating Tacarigua de La Laguna. This lagoon is separated from the sea by a sand bar called La Restinga. Browsing through their wide channels, the enjoyment of its beautiful beaches and bird watching are the main attractions for ecotourism. Tacarigua: 2 nights at Posada.

Day 22: Transportation Tacarigua - Caracas - Caracas AeropuertoVuelo - country of origin.

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The Venezuelan Circuit. Venezuela is characterized by a diverse geography: Beaches, jungles, plains and mountains. Also the climate is very variable, depending on the region.

On our way we will know the majesty of the Andes, we descend to explore the lush Amazon jungle, meet exotic animals in the plains. Canoe through the waters of a river fascinating to dive into the fantastic world of Tepuy to Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. On our journey we shall be convinced that Venezuela is indeed the land of beauty and contrasts, a true paradise.

Day 1. Caracas (arriving in Caracas). Day 2. CaracasDay 3. Caracas - The TimotesDay 4. The Timotes - MéridaDay 5. Merida - Los NevadosDay 6. Los Nevados - MeridaDay 7. MéridaDia 8. Merida - Los LlanosDay 9. Los LlanosDay 10. Los Llanos - Puerto AyacuchoDay 11. Puerto Ayacucho - Amazon JungleDay 12. Amazon JungleDay 13. Amazon Rainforest - Rio CauraDay 14. Caura RiverDay 15. Rio Caura - Ciudad BolivarDay 16. Flight: Ciudad Bolivar - Canaima - Orchid IslandDay 17. Angel FallsDay 18. Flight: Canaima - Ciudad Bolivar (bus) - Puerto OrdazDay 19. Puerto Ordaz - CaripeDay 20. Caripe - Tacarigua of LagunaDay 21. Tacarigua of LagunaDay 22. Tacarigua de la Laguna - Caracas.

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Caracas, Merida, Los llanos, Guarico (cueva del Guacharo), Salto Angel, parque Nacional Canaima.


Caracas, Maiquetia.


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Traer ropa y zapatos comodos, para climas frios y calurosos, sombreros, chaquetas, lentes de sol, camara de video, foáografica, repelente de insectos.

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